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(Last updated 09/18/2018)

The Basics

What is MemoryBox?
Quick, simple and free, MemoryBox is the nation's premier memorialization website and digital cemetery.

Select the best from the thousands of photos and other media you capture every year and organize them in one centralized location, in the same way that they're organized in your heart and in your mind—by Memory. MemoryBox isn't for every photo you take. It's designed to help you preserve the memories you never want to forget, such as online Memorials of lost loved ones. And for the special moments in your life, MemoryBox is the only free app that lets everyone post pictures from the same event (e.g. memorial service, scattering of ashes, wedding, concert, sporting event, political action, etc.), using multiple devices, into one centralized location in the cloud automatically! Simply join an Events Memory and set your device to Stream Mode.

Edit your Memories and the media Elements and Shows within them, or shape them together with family and friends. Memories are shaped collectively, changing over time based upon how people react to them (e.g. # of views, loves, shares, comments, etc).

Share your favorite Elements, Memories and Shows on social media, or email them to family and friends.

What is a MemoryBox Memory?
A Memory is a collection of digital media Elements (e.g. photographs), like an online album. But, unlike other digital albums, a MemoryBox Memory is created and shaped collectively by those who have joined it. Even the act of sharing your Memories with friends and family, and having them view and pick their favorite pictures, shapes the form the Memory takes over time.

There are many examples, but this is one of our most popular: If you're throwing a memorial ceremony, post-funeral repast, or scattering of ashes and you create an Events Memory, you can share it with your invitees and ask them to join. Then, during the event, all the pictures they take using their own devices (e.g. smartphones) will appear in that one centralized Memory automatically. No more sharing multiple online albums or having to send your photos to each person who was there. And they don't even have to use the MemoryBox app to take the pictures. Have them take them the way they always do, with their phone's basic photo function, and every pic saved back to their camera roll will be posted to the Memory.

Do I have to pay to use MemoryBox?
There is no fee to use MemoryBox. We can offer you the core MemoryBox services at no cost because we're advertiser-supported, and because we sometimes sell other products and services through MemoryBox.

But is it really free?

What Types of Memories are there?
There are six basic Memory Types:

Getting started

How do I create a MemoryBox account?
We offer two distinct account types to accommodate the needs of both individuals and companies: Personal and Brand accounts. Memories created by these two accounts are easily and immediately distinguishable. If you create a Personal Account (i.e. you want to use MemoryBox as an individual versus on behalf of your company), your profile pic is displayed in a small circle beside your name on every Memory you contribute. If you create a Brand Account (i.e. you represent a Brand, such as a company or organization, a band or club, etc.), your brand's logo is displayed in a small square next to your brand name on every Memory you contribute.To create an account, sign up here:

How do I create (Contribute) a MemoryBox Memory?
Although you can always look at Memories without joining MemoryBox, if you want to create a Memory (we call it "contributing"), you must first join MemoryBox. A person who contributes a Memory to the MemoryBox community is called the Memory Contributor (MC).

How do I Join a Memory, and why would I want or need to?
As long as you're signed into your MemoryBox account, you can Love, Share, Comment upon, or Flag any Memory—even without Joining it. However, if you want to Contribute media Elements (i.e. photos) to a Memory, or Create Shows (i.e. automated slideshows) from those Elements, you'll have to Join the Memory first. It's easy. Simply go to the Memory and click on the Join button (on the Website) or tap on the word Join at the top right of the screen (if you're using the App).

Who can see my Memories?
When you create a Memory, you get to choose who can see it. Currently, all Memories are either Public or Unlisted:

What is an Element?
An Element is a media unit, such as a photograph. Memories are made up of media Elements. Currently, MemoryBox only supports picture files as Elements, including animated gifs. A person who originally contributes an Element to the MemoryBox community is called the Element Contributor (EC).

We currently support the following image file types:

What is a Show?
A Show is an automated slideshow featuring Elements selected from a single Memory. A person who originally creates a Show is called a Show Contributor (SC). Shows can be viewed by anyone viewing the Memory and are perfect for sharing on social media.

When I Create or Join an Events Memory, it asks me how I want to upload pictures from my device. What's the difference between Stream Mode and Select Mode?
This defines how any device equipped with the MemoryBox App is to upload pictures to an Events Memory.

Will the MemoryBox App run on my phone/device?
The MemoryBox App requires iOS9 or above. If you have an iPhone 5 or later, or an iPad 2 or later, you can install the Memorybox App. 

When I installed the App, it asked me if it could use Location Services. Why?
By enabling Location Services, you permit the MemoryBox App to upload media Elements to an Events Memory automatically in the background . . . even if the App is not active.

Is there an Android version of the MemoryBox App?
Not yet, but we're working on it. Stay tuned.

How do I add Elements (e.g. photos) to my MemoryBox Memories?
There are three basic ways you can add Elements (i.e. pictures) to your MemoryBox Memories. The first step is always to Create or Join a Memory. Then, to contribute:

1) From your iOS device using the MemoryBox App

2) From your computer using the MemoryBox Website

3) ReBox images from another Memory

Why is there a "start date & time" and "end date & time" on Events Memories, and what happens when I set them?

Can I belong to more than one Events Memory at once if they're running at the same time?
Yes, you can. In fact, if you're joining an Events Memory that's likely to get lots of Members loading lots of pictures (e.g. at a major concert or sporting event), in order to pick out your own pics from such a crowded Memory and to make sure yours aren't removed by that Memory's MC, you might wish to set up a parallel Memory of your own that runs at the same time. MemoryBox will automatically Stream your Elements to both Memories simultaneously.

How do I produce a Memory Show?
The first step is always to Create or Join a Memory. Then, to produce a Show made up of Elements from that Memory:

Shows are perfect to display on an iPad or flatscreen monitor during memorial ceremonies.

How do I comment on Memories, Elements and/or Shows?

How do I get people to Join my Memories?
The best way to encourage people to Join your Memory is to share it. To Share a memory:

How do I see the Members of a particular Memory?

How do I see all the Memories created by a MemoryBox user, both those Contributed and Joined?

How do I Share stuff from MemoryBox?
You can Share a Memory, or any Element(s) or Show(s) from within a Memory. It's easy.

1) Share a Memory

[HINT: If you're sharing a Memory with multiple recipients using Email, make sure to add their email addresses in the BCC field if you want to keep the list confidential. Otherwise, add as many email addresses as you want in the "To" field. Don't forget to add special driving instructions, or events costs, if any, and be sure to sign your email note.]

2) Share an Element

[HINT: If you want to Share more than one Element at a time, put them together in a Show and then Share that Show!]

3) Share a Show

How do I find the URL of a Memory, Element or Show?
In some cases, such as if you're going to set up a Facebook or Eventbrite event, you may wish to add the URL (web address) of your MemoryBox Events Memory.

How do I get help if I'm stuck?
We offer a short, introductory video through the footer on the MemoryBox Website. On the App, tap on the three hoizontal bars at the top left of the homescreen, and then select Help (? icon). You'll be able to access a tutorial on the Home screen, the main Memory Detail screen, and on Commenting. 

Why MemoryBox?

How is MemoryBox different from Flickr, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Facebook?

Privacy Info, Rules and Contact

Are my Memories and the photos inside them private?
For now, we only offer two types of Memories: Public and Unlisted. Public means they're searchable and can be found and viewed by anyone. Unlisted means that they can't be found by searching the MemoryBox database. Only you have the unique URL of the Memory, so be careful who you give it to.

Who owns my Memories?
Since it's your content, you own the Elements you've contributed to the MemoryBox community. That said, by using our service, you agree to provide MemoryBox with an unlimited license to leverage the media Elements you upload to MemoryBox in the creation of Memories and Shows, plus any prints, photo books or other merchandise we may create using these Elements at some point in the future. That way, if your mother wants a photo book or album made from the Elements found in the Memory you've created about your newborn baby, for example, you grant us the right to make it for her, and to take a small service fee for doing so.

Do you track data about me?
Most data that we track is done so anonymously and in aggregate form. That said, we need to keep certain personal information about you in order to deliver a personalized experience. This includes which Memories you've created and Joined, which you've Loved, etc. We also store your basic account information: your email address and your full legal name; your password; and, in the future, your credit card info if you ever want to buy stuff. However, we will never share any personally identifiable information of you with any third party. At MemoryBox, your privacy is paramount.

Can I delete the data about me that you hold?
Yes, you can. If you decide to leave MemoryBox and opt to delete your account, all of the user-identifiable data we held about you will be destroyed. We will, however, keep insights we've gleaned about your behavior and share it with other Members and advertisers as we deem appropriate and helpful, but only in an anonymous way, without identifying you personally.

What am I expressly prohibited from doing at MemoryBox?

How do I contact MemoryBox?
This depends on why you're trying to reach us. You may contact us directly, any time via the MemoryBox Website or App:

Or, you may contact us by email based upon your particular need or interest:

For business inquiries:

Partners, Affiliates, Advertisers and Investors

What is the MemoryBox Partner Program?
In addition to providing companies with the ability to create Branded Memories, MemoryBox offers key strategic partners a turnkey relationship marketing program in the form of a white label, Partner-branded MemoryBox App and Website experience that they can deliver to their brand fans (i.e. to those MemoryBox Members who sign up with their assistance). In essence, we offer brands the ability to field their own media capture and sharing app, simply "powered by" MemoryBox.

For more information about the MemoryBox Partner Program, click here.

MemoryBox Affiliates
We are actively recruiting MemoryBox affiliate service providers in the purchase of floral arrangements, photo & document scanning, print and photo book production, and just-in-time merchandise production. If you're interested, please contact us at the address listed in the "How do I contact MemoryBox?" section, above.

Advertising on MemoryBox
Right now, advertising is being published to MemoryBox via Google AdSense on the MemoryBox Website only. Shortly, we will deliver ads to the App using AdMob, plus offer brands the opportunity to sponsor Memories based on specific tags and keywords. As part of the MemoryBox Partner Program, Partner-generated Branded Memories are sometimes exempted from featuring ads. If you're interested in learning more about advertising on the MemoryBox platform, please contact us at the address listed in the "How do I contact MemoryBox?" section, above.

I'm interested in investing. Whom should I contact?
If you think you'd like to invest in Spring Holding Group, Inc., MemoryBox’s parent company, please contact us at [email protected].

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