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About Us

Quick, simple and free, MemoryBox is the nation's premier memorialization website and app.

Select the best from the thousands of photos and other media you capture every year and organize them in one centralized location, in the same way that they're organized in your heart and in your mind—by Memory. MemoryBox isn't for every photo you take. It's designed to help you preserve the memories you never want to forget.
Weddings. Sports matches. Graduations. Political actions. Life celebrations and scatterings. For the special moments in your life, MemoryBox is the only free app that lets everyone post pictures from the same event, using multiple devices, into one centralized location in the cloud automatically! Simply join an Events Memory and set your device to Stream Mode.
Edit your Memories and the media Elements and Shows within them, or shape them together with family and friends. Memories are shaped collectively, changing over time based upon how people react to them (e.g. # of views, loves, shares, comments, etc).
Share your favorite Elements, Memories and Shows on social media, or email them to family and friends.

MemoryBox — You are what you choose to remember.


Our Mission Statement

Memories are the building blocks of identity. We are what we choose to remember. In today’s world of shrinking natural resources, overpopulation, climate change, and political and military conflict, understanding one another is becoming increasingly vital. MemoryBox is an empathy machine, built to showcase the undeniable fact that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. We naturally converge, and in today’s cacophonous Babel of misunderstanding, MemoryBox serves as a window into the personal memories of the species, revealing all the things we have in common with our neighbors—whether across the street or around the globe. We love our families. We treasure our children. We are proud of our partners and friends. No matter where we live, our family lineage, our income, sexual orientation, color or creed, we are all one human family, temporary stewards of our shared natural heritage, floating together on this little blue ball in space. The more we understand this fundamental truth, the healthier, safer and more prosperous our world will become.


For more about MemoryBox and the company behind it, please visit the Spring Holding Group, Inc.  website:

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